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Artist Biography


Samantha Ornon.jpg

The work of the painter Samantha Ornon poses a singular look on the world, her world, that of the intimate, playing out in a bewitching dance of subtle details.


Inspired by her youth in the remote islands of the Pacific, this French artist plunges us today into the mystery and essence of beings through her oil paintings.


Painter of transparency, body and nature seem to merge, to become one under the gaze of this enigmatic bird. Translucent veil with sensual curves of the female, the artist ventures to the limits of abstraction. The green landscapes in the background seem to be swept by a wind, animating in turn this body with diaphanous skin of a vital wave.


The subtle details of the body are reminiscent of the paintings of the great masters of classicism, from which Samantha Ornon draws her inspiration. These natural backgrounds, on the other hand, are more in line with abstract landscapes.


A work to be contemplated in perpetual evolution with the surrounding lights realized from successive glazes. Her artistic work resonates with us in a plurality of meanings, that each one will be able to interpret according to his own experience. And you, what do you see ?

Copyright © 2022 Clément Reisky, art curator.

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